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A Digital Course Teaching Creative Entrepreneurs to Create + Manage an Online Store For Their Product-Based Business

The best and most comprehensive digital Shopify course that teaches you how to intentionally + confidently to build and run a small business online.

So you’ve just got your very own logo fresh from your graphic designer and you’re ready for the world to purchase your curated products.

You know you want an intentionally designed website that will showcase your merchandise.

You know you want a custom storefront that will capture your original brand. 

You know you want an easy and seamless experience your customers will rave about.

As a small business owner, you're already wearing so many hats. You are the brand ambassador, the marketing specialist, the accountant, and now you have to be the website developer. And that can be incredibly overwhelming. 😅

You know you’re going to use Shopify’s eCommerce platform, but where do you even start?

I’ve been exactly where you are when I started my own business. Now I create Shopify websites for small business owners every day. 

I am here to give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own custom and intentional Shopify storefront. This course is self-paced, so whenever you have time to throw on your website developer hat, you will have my 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience at your fingertips. 

I dive deep into Shopify 2.0 so you will get a full understanding of the new interface. Then twice a year, the course will be updated for you automatically in your member portal. So when there are tweaks to Shopify, I will be there to explain them to you.

Just to name a few, this course will include topics like:

  • The best place to begin the monumental task of creating a Shopify website
  • The basics of CSS and HTML coding to make your storefront personalized to you and your small business
  • The ideal navigation menu for customer experience
  • The ins and outs of shipping
  • The most efficient way to organize your collections

I’ll also tell you all about the apps and programs I use daily that work with Shopify and lighten your to do list. 

With WELL•DESIGNED, feel confident about establishing your Shopify storefront and create an intentionally designed website that builds relationships with your valued customers.

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